USB Stepper Motor Controller with DSP, Isolation, Micro Stepping Drivers


All In One!!

- The New version 2XX of the popular step controller!!

High precision controller and drivers for a complete USB solution for your stepper motor project.
It can be used for CNC machines, Laser Cutter, Laser engrave, Plotter, Pick & Place, Robots, 3D printers, PlotterCutter, Dispensers, Foam Cutter, Knee Mill, Routers, Photo Turn Tables, Etc.

Just attach stepmotors, power and a PC and you are ready to go!!
No need for software to control real time movement, acceleration, lasers, heaters, etc. The USB stepper control module handles all real time movement and control. From the PC/Mac/embedded CPU/PLC you simple send a G-Code command and the USB module handles the rest.


USB Step Motor Micro Stepping Controller
The controller is attached to PCs with USB1.1/USB 2.0/USB3.0 ports. (It can optional also get commands via UART input - Embbeded/PLC)
Patentented Bipolar micro stepping drivers from Allegro with 40% more power than unipolar drivers.
Fully isolated USB interface - galvanic isolation between motor power and PC/Mac/Embedded/Host USB controller.
2 units can be interconnected in a master/slave setup to drive up to 4 Stepper motors in real time (XYZT interpolation)
One module can control up to 4 axis and drive 2 with the build in micro stepping drivers.
External drivers can be either a second unit, which allows for power control or standard DIR/STEP drivers.
Unlimited number of units can be attached to a PC to form a large USB stepper control setup

USB & DSP Firmware
  • Can be upgraded and configured as either Generic standalone, Master, Slave, 3D-Printer, Laser editions
  • Registers to PC as an easy to control Virtual Serial COM Port with very fast transfer rate
  • Supports 32bit signed steps allowing for coordinates from -2 billion to 2 billion steps
  • Supports Floating point coordinate system
  • Supports driving 2 axis per module and controlling up to 4 with DIR/STEP - using slave modules enables advanced power control
  • Accurate S-curve acceleration profile with configurable settings
  • Interpolate Lines in XY with single board or XYZT
  • Interpolate Circles/Arcs XY
  • Sending back digital read outs DRO of position, status, speed, lineno, etc.
  • Homing system with 4 limit switches.
  • Machine limits to keep movement wihtin valid limits.
  • Jogging axis's for manual control with full acceleration profile
  • Abort commands independently of command channel
  • Special support for Laser On/Off and PWM control of power
  • Special support for Laser Patterns to engrave pictures
  • Special support for 3D Printer Heat Control
  • Special support for 3D Printer FAN control
  • Support for Motor Power control - no more resistors to use low voltage stepper motors with higher voltage power supplies
  • Support for Motor Power Saving during idle
  • Support for Motor Power disable to allow free axis movement
  • Two Allegro drivers with 1.5amp peak output per phase - input voltages 9-35V
  • Allegros patented current decay system for ultra high precision
  • Digital configurable full step to 16 microsteps - allowing for up to 3200 steps per revolution.
  • Digital adjustable current 0-1.5 Amps.
  • 4 outputs (2extra axis) - 4 limit switches inputs, 2 i2c (1extra axis), (optional 1 uart)
  • Free Stepcontrol software to change settings and update/change firmware.
  • Free Stepcontrol software also shows/draws the interpreted G-Code and allows for scaling and offset
  • Free Stepcontrol software with Jogging and showing the DRO positions/status send back from USB stepper controller
  • Free software for generating G-Code or use the extremely many programs, that are using the G-Code (CNC) language.

  • Why is this board better than all the other USB stepper boards?

  • USB isolation build in on board
    - this avoids ground loops and defect computers due to noise spikes from the motor currents
  • DSP with Floating point
    - This offloads the PC and does all the movements in DSP real time - not windows real time which is really bad. The lower jitter ensures smoother movements and less lost steps. Low cost boards uses EMC2/Mach3 to calculate steps and sends a buffer to the USB controller.
  • Easy to use Virtual Comport - With our step controller the same G-Code input as EMC2/Mach3 uses can be send directly to the controller - no need for any G-Code->Step software (EMC2/Mach3). Transfer is very easy - you register the comport, opens it and sends the G-Code - Machine is now working - Done.
  • DSP & Settings inside product
    - We store all the settings inside the stepper controller - maxspeed,startspeed,homing,directions,accelerations,etc. Other boards without DSP & settings inside product has setup on the client PC instead of inside the product - this is a nightmare for customers and when Mach3/EMC2 changes something is likely to be broken for your project.
  • Allegro patented micro stepping drivers
    - Along with digital gearing and precise control with a minimum of jitter ensures smoother and more accurate movement. Digital controlled power allows for fine tuning and automated power savings are great for the lifetime of the stepper motors and the environment.
  • All in one
    - Product contains all necessary components and hence they just work together and handles the task of real time movement along with the PC/MAC/Host interface to your product. Now you can concentrate on the remaining parts.
  • Flexible usage from UI systems
    - Product can also be connected to Raspberry PI, Beagle Boards, etc. Just connect USB and you are ready to make an embedded solution. Can also be controlled by PLC/8051/PIC via UART. Using stepper motors has never been easier!
  • Product is backed by BigBear
    - BigBear develops new features and firmware changes are easy downloaded into product. Safe and clean - just use the stepcontrol program and the unit can be updated with new features.

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